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2024 Interior & Lifestyle Trend seminar

3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Philip Fimmano curator and trend THE GREAT DISRUPTION: 2024 Lifestyle, Home & InteriorsAt the cusp of a new era, a contemporary generation will lead the way toward a more conscious future. Several key lifestyles emerge, proving that change for good is not only possible but is well on its way. Beyond the pandemic, people are dramatically modifying their lives, and many will quit their jobs and leave their urban lives behind, opting for a better existence, connected via technology while growing closer to nature. For some, life might look rather introspective, allowing them to focus on time and what matters most. Others will celebrate diversity and our human connections, getting together to bond, learn, and share experiences. Design and architecture take note of this radical disruption, seeking emotional shapes, organic materials, engaging colours and tactile finishes to redesign our private and public spaces, furniture, storage, and accessories. Interiors, craft, fashion, and materials unite to announce one holistic message: HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS.

2023 Milan Report
This inspiring visual presentation from April’s Salone del Mobile features Trend Union’s renowned in-house photography and connects the information to current and future tendencies: from key materials such as wood, glass, and stone to the importance of matte finishes, circular materials, versatile lighting, crafted clays, and woven textiles. Joy comes through as an important emotion to foster and express at a time when abstraction and narration meet. Water is our most precious resource, capable of embodying energy and wellness. The impact of AI is also felt, inspiring a new age in customized, democratic design for the creative consumer.

Origin: Design, Art & Cultural Trends
Pivotal design can be excavated from the earliest of periods to the latest of futures. Like archaeology from the future, this movement takes us back to our origins and brings a prehistoric aesthetic to style, creativity and tactility. Humankind once managed to invent pigments, materials, alloys, tools, textiles, foods and culture, and today we continue to invent colours, recycle materials, hybridize ceramics, tackle tools, weave new fiber, concoct foods and write, sculpt, paint, photograph and dance. Humans are genius and it is good to recall this in terrible troubled times, when aggression and separatism, negligence and racism, as well as blatant sexism, risk-taking over. Somehow, to understand the primitive human is to grasp our basic instinct for survival over the barbarian practices of today, and this may help us to remain connected by our capacity for invention and improvisation.
Through the artifacts of tomorrow, while studying the ancient fragments of time, the circle is complete and we rediscover organic shapes, robust materials and archaic art. We can take inspiration from recently-rewritten prehistory better than from our current culture, since true keys to greatness lie both in our past and our future – for now, forgetting the dramatic present. Archaeology is at the origin of everything.

Learn more at https://www.edelkoort.us/.


3:30 pm - 5:30 pm EST


Tarkett Showroom
440 Park Ave S 2nd floor
New York, NY 10016 United States
Event Format
Live (indoor)
Event Type
Open to Public
Design Discipline
Architecture, Product Design, Interior Design